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R&D overview

Over the years, The eNose Company has focused its R&D on eNose development: apart from several application areas, most time has been spent on developing both hardware and software, with an emphasis on algorithm development and the calibration of multiple devices. This has led to a unique knowledge base on all aspects of eNose development.

Main achievements from our R&D up till now:

  • Transferring calibration models: accomplishing this is a prerequisite for being able to identify gases without individual calibration of units. This is of major importance for mass production of the eNoses,
  • Temperature control of the sensors using both hardware and software is vital for obtaining reproducible results,
  • Miniaturization combined with low-power requirements
  • Field studies followed by data analysis and algorithm development for tuberculosis, head and neck cancer and (veterinary) Metritis with good results have led to a product validation phase for these indications already.
  • Pilot studies on new indications (oncology, cardiology and pulmonary) are looking promising.

Current R&D focus

Clinical trial results look promising for different indications. In the near future, R&D-emphasis will be  on validating current results and improving our technology base in order to keep ahead of competitors. Examples include developing ways to improve the sensitivity and specificity. This will require efforts in the field of electronics, sensor development, and software.