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eNose for detecting and identifying pathogenic bacteria

Another innovative development by The eNose Company is the Aetholab™. This is a parallel development and of secondary focus in comparison to the Aeonose™.

The Aetholab™ is a diagnostic unit for detecting and identifying pathogenic bacteria in blood: metabolizing pathogens produce gases. University research performed with the The eNose Company electronic nose has demonstrated that the metabolism is specific for many bacteria and that the pathogenic bacteria can be identified based on their metabolic behaviour.

The pathogens (present in a blood sample) are cultured in a special medium at 35-37 ºC. During that process, gases are produced and detected. In this way, several pathogens (e.g. Klebsiella, and distinguishing between’ gram+’ and ‘gram-‘ ) can be identified using the electronic nose. For other species additional research is required. Part of this will require changing the culture medium: this medium must be adapted in order to stimulate the bacteria to produce more distinctive gases. We’re working on this, also in the context of the FP7-project TEMPOtest.

Please contact us for information on the current status.