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Electronic nose for laboratory applications
(not for sale, for internal use only)

The Aerekaprobe (successor of DiagNose II) is the measuring part of a so-called ‘Electronic Nose’ system. An electronic nose is a system composed of one or more non-specific sensors and pattern recognition software. The sensors generate a complex set of measurement features which are analyzed by the recognition software and compared with a database of known samples.

In this way the recognition software can qualitatively and quantitatively analyze mixtures of volatile substances in air. The known-samples database is acquired in the so-called calibration phase. Note that it is also possible to calibrate after measurements have been acquired, as all data is stored in raw (unprocessed) format.

The Aerekaprobe has been specifically developed for laboratory and field use. Normally a unit is fitted with sensor modules in duplicate or triplicate. This allows the evaluation of the inter- sensor differences and the development of sensor-independent calibration models.