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The eNose Company currently focuses on three product-lines containing eNose technology for the following fields:

  1. Exhaled-breath detection: Aeonose™  is a diagnostic unit for exhaled-breath analysis. This unit can be used for screening on tuberculosis, asthma, throat cancer, and probably several other diseases (e.g. diabetes). The patient has to breathe into the diagnostic unit, and within minutes a proper indication is given whether additional patient examination is required.
  2. Detecting and identifying pathogenic bacteria: Aetholab™ is a diagnostic unit analysing gases produced in the metabolic process of pathogenic bacteria in blood and other body fluids. University research performed with our electronic nose has demonstrated that the metabolism is specific for many bacteria and that the pathogenic bacteria can be identified based on their metabolic behaviour.
  3. Exploring new applications: Aerekaprobe™ is a laboratory type, compact electronic nose containing a full set of sensors. This system is rugged and low-cost compared to competitor systems. It is very suitable for developing new applications that could be transformed to dedicated electronic-nose products in larger volumes. This device has been used up  till now in our exhaled-breath analysis studies.