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Head & Neck Cancer calibration study with Aeonose

In Maastricht UMC in cooperation with Dr. K.Kross, we performed a calibration study (32 patients and 26 healthy controls) to assess the diagnostic value of an implementation of a generic electronic nose (Aeonose) using exhaled breath to detect H&N Cancer

In the calibration study we found a sensitivity of 88.5% and a specificity of 87.5% discriminating healthy controls from H&N patients.

This is shown in the ROC-curve drawn below:

H&N ROC curve

Head and Neck Cancer ROC curve

An efficacy study will start soon, led by Dr. K.Kross at Maastricht UMC, and the University hospitals in Groningen (NL), Liege (B) and Turku (Fin).

We will also validate the model by several studies in other university and peripheral hospitals in the Netherlands.