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Study focus is on lung cancer, pilot studies have been conducted on COPD and pulmonary embolism.

Papers and conference proceeding can be found below.

We’re Losing the Fight’: Tuberculosis Batters a Venezuela in Crisis

Article Aeonose project Venezuela

Tuberculosis (TB) is the world’s deadliest infectious disease, and a top ten cause of death worldwide. Each year, almost 2 million people die from TB. Venezuela is one of the high burden countries with devastating consequences. In Caracas, a medical team (PI: Dr. Jacobus de Waard, mentioned in the NYT-article) is conducting a study for fast TB-screening using an electronic nose (‘Aeonose’) for exhaled-breath analysis. Improved treatment regimes and diagnostics are urgently needed!

Paper on data analysis Aeonose published

Aeonose, Journal of breath research
Kort S, Brusse-Keizer M, Gerritsen JW, Van der Palen J. ‘Data analysis of electronic nose technology in lung cancer: Generating prediction models by means of Aethena’, Journal of Breath Research, vol. 11, nr 2, June 2017.

ERS conference proceedings Milan 2017

Kort S, Brusse-Keizer M, Schouwink JH, Gerritsen JW, van der Palen J, ‘Detection of non-small cell lung cancer by an electronic nose’, ERS-conference, Milano, September 2017.

Fabius TM, Van Leuteren RW, Gerritsen JW, Van der Palen J, De Jongh FHC, Eijsvogel MMM, ‘Acute pulmonary embolism: a specific scent?’ ERS-conference, Milano, September 2017.