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In gastroenterology, studies are ongoing on colon cancer, Barrett’s Esophagus, fasting, and pancreas carcinoma.

Papers and conference proceeding can be found below.

Conference proceedings on Barrett’s Esophagus, Mayo Clinics 2017

Visrodia K, Zakko L, Allen J, Lutzke L, Clemens M, Wang KK, ‘Developing a Screening Test for Barrett’s Esophagus Using Electronic Nose Device Analysis of Exhaled Volatile Organic Compounds’, World Congress of Gastroenterology @ACG2017, Orlando, October 2017.

Zakko L, Chan DK, Visrodia K, Clemens MA, Allen J, Lutzke, LS, Leggett CL, Wang KK, ‘Detection of Barrett’s Esophagus via electronic-nose device analysis of exhaled volatile organic compounds in breath samples’, DDW, Chicago, May 2017.

Diagnosing gastrointestinal illnesses using fecal headspace volatile organic compounds


fecal VOC analysis with Aetholab

“In our own experience, we used the Aetholab, a commercial electronic nose device (The eNose Company, Zutphen, Netherlands) in a preliminary study of 20 C. difficile PCR-positive stool and 53 C. difficile PCR-negative stool. In a similar approach using an artificial neural network for pattern recognition, we were able to classify the stool with 80% sensitivity, 85% specificity, and 84% accuracy.”