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About eNose


The parent organization C-it, where The eNose Company was a separate division of, was founded in 1997 as an IT-services company. Based on a request for detecting certain levels of volatiles from paint (Organo Psycho Syndrome – OPS), the interest in electronic nose technology started.

Although it appeared to be feasible detecting the volatiles from paint as mentioned before, interest from industry vanished due to a change in government regulations: industry shifted to water-based paints.

Nevertheless, C-it decided to continue R&D on electronic noses and kept searching for new application areas.

In 2000, C-it was nominated for the Smithsonian Award for their achievements on electronic nose technology.

Milestones achieved

The following milestones have been achieved:

2000 – First application for Organo Psycho Syndrome (OPS)

2003 – Technology optimization for portability, ruggedness and sensor issues

2005 – Transferable calibration problem solved

2007 – Room Guard and Filter Monitoring Unit developed

2008 – CannaSniffer portable stand-alone application for Police Force,
        – Aetholab™ developed for bacterial growth analysis using headspace odour identification

2009 – DiagNose developed, successful first pilot Tuberculosis detection

2010 – Successful Tuberculosis follow-up, advanced algorithms developed

2011 – Successful identification of asthma and throat cancer in exhaled breath
        – development Aeonose™ model

2012 –  Aeonose™ clinical trials

2013 – The eNose Company started as own entity eNose BV
        – Pilot studies on TB, Head & Neck, Lung cancer, Breast cancer and (veterinary) Metritis have started

2014 – Based on first clinical proof efficacy studies have started for validation of Aeonoses

Mission, Vision, & Values

The eNose Company has defined the following statements:

Mission Statement:

The eNose Company develops diagnostic tools for screening of diseases through body-odour analysis in order to ease patients’ lives, provides physicians with additional tools, and lowers the burden of the healthcare community.

Company Vision:

We want to become a significant player in the global market of diagnosing diseases by exhaled-breath and other body-odour analysis, with our eNose technology. For many diseases like Tuberculosis (TB), Head and Neck Cancer, etc., we will offer new diagnostics that are non-invasive, fast, and low-cost.

Company Values:

We want to develop and produce high-quality and price-efficient screening, diagnostics and monitoring systems in order to deliver added value to the way specific diseases are detected nowadays. This holds true for both patients, physicians, and the healthcare community. We believe strongly in working together with share- and stakeholders to accomplish our goals.

Focus areas and future directions

Over the years, the eNose Company has developed and improved its electronic nose technology showing the feasibility in various niche applications. Several products are commercially available.

It has been decided to focus on medical-diagnostic applications. Proofs of principle for applying electronic nose technology in this field (exhaled-breath analysis for disease screening, and identifying pathogenic bacteria in blood) have been demonstrated. Collaborations with academic medical centers have been established and will be extended in the near future.

In the medical diagnostics market, two product lines based on eNose technology are being developed:

  • Aeonose™: Validation as screening device for diseases like tuberculosis and head and neck (=throat) cancer has been started. Other indications in pilot phase look promising.
  • Aetholab™: Clinical trails on screening blood, urine and faeces for indication like prostate- and colon cancer have been started. A cost-effectiveness study on (veterinary) Metritis has been scheduled.


The eNose Company receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund (EFRO) for the experimental development of Aeonose. In this project we develop the next version of the Aeonose that meets medical standards.


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